MGIC, Your Loyal Catering Services Provider in United Arab Emirates

MGIC, Your Loyal Catering Services Provider in United Arab Emirates.

Our main purpose is to provide value for money Catering services while making savings for our clients, from the design and implementation of new projects to improvements on takeover of established sites run by unsatisfactory competitors.

Leading Catering services industry in UAE

Our clients achieve savings, hassle free quality services through our wide range of experience and expertise in the Catering services industry. Our total independence in decision-making and our strong principals of cost reduction, ergonomic workflow design, yield improvements, investing in people and enjoying our work make us ready to respond immediately to any possible request.

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CEO Message

Aiser Alhawi | Chief Executive Officer

MOUNTAIN GATE INTERNATIONAL CATERING is endeavoring to provide solutions. Since, Its inception in the year 1990, quality, innovation and commitment coupled with a high level of professionalism has always been the emphasis of MOUNTAIN GATE INTERNATIONAL CATERING to reach customer satisfaction. We undertake to fulfill all obligations in a professional manner with transparency.


GM Message

Mohamed El Sawy | General Manager

His highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan was a great example to admire, as we progress to reach some of his great goals and values he planted in us, the citizens and expats of this nation are pioneers amongst all nations. And as pioneers we are working hard towards a better future in food and beverage industry.
Mohamed El Sawy, General Manager.

Furthermore, we provide consistent excellent service from start to finish including Pest Control, Housekeeping, Laundry services, Reception services, and minor maintenance jobs. We manage events with an eye and hand toward attractive aesthetic detail.

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