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Al Reem Camp


ADMG was founded in January 2007. The camp is located in Al Reem island. The camp has 946 rooms and a bed capacity of 10,447. In 2007, Al Reem island witnessed a boom in construction, and as a result the proximity of a camp was a smart decision and a necessity.

Al Mafraq Camp


The Mountain Gate camp was constructed in the Mafraq, Worker City 2 district of Abu Dhabi by MGPI LLC in 2010. The camp provides safe and comfortable living environment for the foreign workers residing there. MGPI owns and operates the camp taking charge of the overall management and maintenance of the property. Explorer Facility Management LLC has been established as a sister company within MGPI group and is formally contracted to MGPI to provide facility management services throughout the village year long on a 24/7 basis. Explorer Facility management offices are in the administration area of the camp to align the services provided and maintain a close proximity.

Al Mussafah Camp


PRED camp was constructed in 2008 to provide accommodations for workers in the Mussafah district of Abu Dhabi. The target was to reach a capacity of 10,000 workers serving different clients in the UAE. PRED dominates the Mussafah Abu Dhabi area by providing comfortable and safe facilities as well as unequivocal services to the labourers. PRED prides on its customer service to many projects and customers throughout the UAE.

Al Ruwais Camp


MGIMC camp was established in Al Ruwais district of Abu Dhabi to provide comfortable living to foreign workers residing there. The camp is a modern development launched in 2011. It has a capacity of 1500 beds. MGIMC camp prides in being a very recent camp site in a rather remote area of Abu Dhabi. The facility contains a kitchen, prayer area, laundry facility, a supermarket in addition to the housing buildings. MGIMC is proud to provide comfortable and modern accommodations in Al Ruwais district.