It is not the fairy tale anymore… She “The Mountain Gate” is here to look after you, and to wrap you in softness, and relieve you from the pain of a hard working day, and fulfill your wishes in a very smooth manner…

Mountain Gate International Catering Services L.L.C. (MGIC), a purveyor of fine catering and related services in the UAE; offers stylish services for any occasion. We provide delicious food, creative menus, excellent Housekeeping, Pest Control, Cotton white laundry and courteous reception services. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for two or twenty thousands, our experienced and professional staff can organize it for you.

Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, reliable staff, exceptional food selection, and working with every kind of budgets makes each event special in its own way. The best is that YOU can be a guest at your own party.

From breakfast platters, box lunches, luncheons, and afternoon gatherings to appreciation dinners, festive parties, and milestone celebrations:

Our Services

Our pleasure is to exceed your expectations !…


  • To procure quality raw materials (non-perishable on a monthly basis and perishable on a daily basis) for the production of the required menu.
  • To employ staff in adequate numbers and qualification for the service at the place of requirement.
  • To prepare food and do services as per the menu and time specified ensuring quality, reducing wastage, spillage and spoilage.
  • To employ staff for the cleaning of the kitchen equipments, food production area and the food service area.
  • To provide required uniform for the staff and make provision for the washing and maintenance of the same To train and motivate the available staff to achieve the required goals as specified.
  • Creations is a progressive division, solely concerned with the development of the Food and Beverage industry within the region. Creativity, originality and an eccentric imagination fuel our creative teams, helping us push the boundaries and create a space for corporations and individuals alike.
  • Our existing outlets continue to adjust according to fluctuating market demands, while our development resources branch out into new markets and client segments. Always eager to keep up with global trends, we are thorough in maintaining regional standards and Middle Eastern culture.
  • Our team’s values are an essential element of who we are and how we operate. Here at Mountain Gate International Catering, we are keen on embracing all business relationships, no matter how big or small they may seem. We are relentless about simplifying our approach by staying up to speed with market trends and technological advances. Above all, we maintain confidence in our team’s abilities,